[BP #3] GROWL: XOXO – 1st Repackage Album – CLOSED

July 31, 2013  |  Official Merch, Past Projects


Note that there are two versions of the album “Kiss Version” (EXO-K) and “Hug Version” (EXO-M) and both will count toward the Hanteo charts! ~Note: Hanteo is the chart that all music shows refer to when tallying up ‘physical albums sold’ scores.

1st Batch [PRE-ORDER] Period: 31 July – 3 August 2013
2nd Batch Period: 4 – 10 August 2013
3rd Batch Period: 11 – 20 August 2013
Price + EMS: 21USD (1 Album + 1 Poster)


M Version:
01. 咆哮(Growl)
02. 狼與美女 (Wolf)
03. XOXO (Chinese Ver.)
04. Lucky
05. Baby, Don’t Cry (人鱼的眼泪)
06. Black Pearl
07. 蝴蝶少女 (Don’t Go)
08. Let Out The Beast
09. 3.6.5
10. Heart Attack
11. 彼得潘 (Peter Pan)
12. Baby (第一步)
13. My Lady
14. 狼与美女 (Wolf) (EXO-M Ver.)
15. 狼与美女 (Wolf) (Korean Ver.)

K Version:
01. 으르렁(Growl)
02. 늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)
03. XOXO
04. Lucky
05. Baby Don’t Cry
06. Black Pearl
07. 나비소녀 (Don’t Go)
08. Let Out The Beast
09. 3.6.5
10. Heart Attack
11. 피터팬 (Peter Pan)
12. Baby
13. My Lady
14. 늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) (EXO-K Ver.)
15. 늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) (Chinese Ver.)


Fill out the order form, and choose from the following in the item drop down menu:

  • GROWL: XOXO Album +  Poster (Kiss Ver) – 21USD
  • GROWL: XOXO Album + Poster (Hug Ver) – 21USD


At this time, you only need to send the cost of the album (shipping from Korea is already included). Domestic shipping costs will be determined once we have received the batch of albums.
See our “Accepted Payments” page for the further information on how you can pay for your albums. Please wait for a confirmation email from us before making your payment. Once you have submitted your order, a staff member will email you with the payment information.


First check our FAQ! If you don’t see your answer there, please email us at orders@exospheres.com :3


Payments for the 2nd batch must be made at the very latest by 20 AUGUST @ 23:59 EST!



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  1. ammmm… is this the one with photobook?

  2. Is it possible t give us a guessimate on how much domestic shipping will be for 2 albums+2posters combo? I’m trying to decide if I want to participate in this group order or get it direct

  3. Is there a difference between the albums? Like the photos are different in the Korean and then the photos are different in the Chinese? Or are the photos the same, but the CD’s are different? (:

    • Hi Rosa,
      I really can’t give you that answer and we won’t know until photos of the album are released (ie. when korean fan site unnies upload scans lmao). In the full album the photobooks had some differences, so maybe this one will be similar? Anyway, we’ll have to wait to see. :3

  4. Hello! I was wondering if the cost you wrote above is the cost after shipping, because I’ve seen the prices from other websites and I was slightly confused with the price you wrote.

    • Hi Carmen,
      As stated on the post, the price listed is the price of the album + EMS from Korea. The domestic shipping is paid later.

      • Hi Alicia,
        Why would you also have to pay for domestic shipping as well?

        • The order is being shipped to an admin’s house in Texas. From there, she has to ship out the albums to everyone in the order. For the albums to get to wherever they are going, there is going to be a fee for her to ship them out. So yes, there is a domestic fee that must be calculated and paid later. For more info on domestic shipping you can check out our FAQ.

  5. The price for the album and the EMS posted together is $21. Not separate for the EMS?

  6. Hello!
    I’m wondering if there’s also a photo card in the album?

  7. Hi Allie,
    No, we have not received the first batch yet. Once we receive it everyone in the order will be emailed. After it gets to Admin Davonna’s home, it usually takes about 1 to 1.5 weeks to get to the receiving addresses (depends on where you live).
    Thank you.

  8. are ordering this album are available to subscribers of Indonesia?

  9. How will the posters be shipped folded or unfolded in a tube?

    • Hi Daniela,
      The posters will be in a tube.
      Thank you!

      • I sent in an order form and I am a bit confused on what the next step in ordering the album is. Do you know when am I supposed to get an email conformation in a few days or immediately? Thanks in advance :)

  10. Is this still open for orders?
    Also, you guys accept Concaled Cash, right?

    • Hi Tammy,

      Sorry, the order is closed (I fell asleep before I could close the page last night oops!). I’m not sure if you’re going to KCON, but Admin Davonna is going and will be buying a set there, so if you want we can include you in that order! Just send us an email~ This also means there is no EMS fee, so the price is cheaper, but of course there is still domestic shipping.


  11. Hello, it’s been a while and I was wondering if you know roughly how long the second batch would take to arrive?

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